Cruel Noise Episode 23


Episode 23

Set 1.(Do you want me to laugh?)
Dangus Tarkus- Sherlock Holmes
Twerps- Bloodspit Boys
Beta Boys- Roaches
Thumbsuckers- Consequences
Sucked Dry- Arachnaphobia
Dirty Work- Mama’s Mad
Nancy- I Want You Bad

Set 2.(I cannot buy my life back.)
Butter 08- It’s The Rage
Gay Kiss- Storms
Flower Travellin’ Band- Satori(Part I)
Judas Priest- Riding On the Wind
Crucial Unit- Columbus Day is a Celebration of Genecide

Set 3.(We’re marching towards nothing.)
Crimson Scarlet- Dead Parade
Baroque Bordello- Put It Done
Blank Spell- Night Mute
Kurraka- Hermanas De La Oscuridad

Set 4.(She made me do it with my own hands.)
Slices- Medusa
Gauze- 面を洗って出直して来い
Common Ignorance- Come and Take It…
Blood Pressure- Peace Sucks/Low Class
Salvation- Essence Catcher

Set 5.(Hang up and run to me.)
The Nerves- Hanging on the Telephone
The Nervebreakers- My Girlfriend is a Rock
Slaughter and the Dogs- Situations
The Outfield- Your Love
Tenement- Violent Outlet

End.(In my youth I’m getting old.)
Thin Lizzy- Got to Give It Up

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Anonymous asked:

it will be ok <3


yo, thanks, whoever this is

1:55 AM

felt a big range of emotions tonight

Royals won, that was sick

Treatment tape dropped, sick

but I get the feeling a lot is gonna change with the people I hang around really soon. I can’t tell if I’m bummed about it or looking forward to being almost back at square one. I’ve dealt with people going in and out of my life so many times before that it’s pretty natural for me, though.

anyway, I’ve been thinking about a lot of shit and I’ve felt almost every facet of my emotional spectrum tonight

and it’s 2 AM now and I have to get up in five hours.